House Flies

Facts about house flies

House flies can be problem all year round. Although they may seem more prominent in the summer months, they, like many other insects like to find shelter and warmth in the winter months. Whatever the time of year, we have some interesting facts below about house flies, and some prevention tips too of course!

  • House flies live on a liquid diet- these pests do not even need food substance to survive, as long as there is moisture, they are happy!
  • Taste with their feet- it’s true! Everything flies land on they are able to taste this way.
  • Spread diseases- flies are perfect carriers of diseases due to the nature of the food sources they are attracted to, like animal excrement. When they land to feed, they also pick up bacteria which is transferred to each landing spot.
  • Can walk upside down- flies have no trouble climbing walls, walking on ceilings etc. This is due to their sticky feet pads. They have claw like features as well on their feet which enables them to easily unstick their feet when necessary.
  • Flies can see behind them- with a field of vision of almost 360 degrees, flies are able to see all around them.
  • They don’t live long- interestingly flies have a short life span of only 30 days.
  • Unhygienic breeding habits- flies are not fussy about location when it comes to breeding. It is also the same for laying of their eggs.
  • Males are always looking for a date- during their short life, male flies are constantly on the lookout for females and attempt to breed with as many as possible.

Fly Prevention Tips

Good food hygiene practices are a must- removal of harmful bacteria.

  • Store raw ingredients properly in air tight containers
  • Thoroughly clean surfaces that they touch as well as washing hands after handling such items
  • Ensure sides are cleaned regularly
  • Clean up any pet poop in the garden regularly
  • Try not to leave pet food out for long periods of time
  • Seal rubbish bins and clean regularly
  • If you have a compost site, we suggest you locate this away from the home due to the pests it can attract


Remember, if you think you may have a fly infestation then please give us a call!

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