Different Types of Moths- House or Clothes Moth?

Different Types of Moths- House or Clothes Moth?

There are many different species of moth in the UK. They can vary considerably in size in the natural world, but the kinds of moths that you are likely to find in and around your home are typically the brown house moth and the common clothes moth. Both these types of moths are small in size but are easy to tell apart.

The brown house moth, as its name suggests is usually brown in colouring and its markings can sometimes look like different sized and coloured spots on the wings. When not in flight, their wings rest flat against the body and look oval shaped. The common clothes moth however, has a more slender body and wing span. The colour of the common clothes moth is usually a lighter brown/cream and their wings have irregular edges to them.

The main purpose of the adult moths life is to reproduce and for the females, to lay eggs. These eggs are usually laid in dark, undisturbed areas of the home and always on a viable food source, so the newly hatched larvae can begin to eat immediately. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool are firm favourites. So clothing, carpets and furniture are good starting points if you are trying to locate a moth infestation. It is indeed the larvae that cause the damage to these items (usually leaving small holes) as they eat.

Most of the time, moths like dark dry locations to rest however they can also be attracted to lights. Especially in the evenings. So you may see them fluttering around lamps or TV screens. Seeing one moth from time to time is generally nothing to worry about, however seeing more that 2 adults flying around mean that you may have a moth problem.

If your stored items have an odd smell to them, or if you notice small and irregular holes then it is likely that larvae have been eating away! This is a good time to contact a professional. Devon Pest Control can help, and leave you moth free in no time at all!

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