Insect Control & Insect Treatments in Devon

Insects are, quite literally, everywhere. From the scariest spider in the bath, to the annoying bluebottle fly buzzing incessantly at the window.

But why do some insects become a nuisance and what can be done about them… if anything?

  • Cockroaches – these small, scuttling critters are enough to send the shiver down any spine, even the most hardened and wizened of pest controllers. And it’s not surprising when you consider that these creatures enjoy sharing our food, but also enjoy sharing their diseases with us. They can spread harmful bacteria, meaning that we can become ill with salmonella or other nasty bugs. Nocturnal creatures, they run from light but enjoy living in the smallest crevices in our kitchens and other areas of our properties. This type of infestation is not one that goes away on its own – it will only get worse unless you have the professional services of a pest controller.
  • Fruit flies – enjoying the sugary substances from fallen fruit, these tiny little insects can soon get out of control, if the conditions are right for them. With the larvae feeding on the fermenting fruit sugars, a pest controller can offer immediate assistance to rid you of the nuisance that is the fruit fly BUT, this eradication will only be temporary unless the source of the outbreak is effectively cleared away (and kept clear!)
  • Ants – again, these insects live around us all the time and rarely cause us any issue. The common garden ant, for example, can be helpful in keeping certain other insects at bay but, their habit if making nests close to or in buildings that we frequent can be a nuisance. What can be just as difficult is the fact that some of the gels and powders used to treat ant nests can be harmful not only to humans if ingested, but to pets too. There are other treatment option, but not all are available over-the-counter and so investing in the services of a professional pest controller can reap rewards – as the ants do not reappear.
  • Cluster flies – these can also be a nuisance and do need dealing with simply because they can spread disease. Similar to the house fly in appearance, they tend to be more of an issue in autumn as they swarm, en masse looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. However, take care if you decide to deal with these yourself as they are common around areas where bats roost and we all know how protected bats are.

There are many other insects that cause us problems, such as wasps, hornets, bedbugs, fleas, beetles and moths.

Dealing with insect issues

Some flies and insects are found in places where the conditions are just right for them and by changing these conditions, the problem can be eradicated. Many insects, from the commonest bugs to the more elaborate such as book lice, prefer environments that are high in humidity, with very little air circulation. Drying out these rooms can have an instant effect; followed by a deep clean and permanently balancing the temperature and humidity can prevent the problem from returning.

A ready food source can also be an attractant to insects in the first place but also keep them there! The modern day need to compost food, and recycled items means that in some cases, insects have a ready access to the perfect food conditions they crave. Again, sealing this containers as much as possible is essential, along with a deep clean of the area.

Other insects are carried in to our homes and in to the interiors of the property on our pets, as well as clothing and accessories, such as bags. Some insect infestations would, at one time, only be heard of in certain countries or area but now, with modern travel so easy, we are bringing home unwanted souvenirs from our holidays.

And finally, natural climatic conditions can also have an impact on the breeding rate of some insects and has been seen in the past. Sets of weather conditions can conspire to create the perfect breeding grounds, with plenty of available food to sustain the population explosion.

Dealing with insect infestations

Some insect infestations needs dealing with as they either pose a threat to health or they can be a nuisance, such as wasps or hornets, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches.

Other infestations, although a nuisance, can be successfully eradicated or you can let nature takes it course. Either way, if you feel you need some help, prevention advice or you do need an infestation dealing with, Devon Pest Control are the people to call.

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