Regardless of your trade or industry, as a commercial business you have the legal duty and responsibility to keep your premises safe, clean and tidy for your employees, contractors and customers. Included in this obligation is keeping it pest-free or with pests controlled.

For example, a country estate open to the public does not want personal injury claims for broken ankles as people wandering in their landscape gardens fall down a mole hole; owners of prized, valuable racehorses do not want to see their career ended after buckling over mole hills OR the local take away, worried about the increase of rats or mice around the bin area…. the list could go on and on!

As a result, many commercial premises and businesses need a pest control service that is responsive and discreet…

Devon Pest Control work with commercial customers on:

  • Prevention – with knowledgeable and up-to-date advice, we can help you prevent pest infestations or issues arising in many cases. Regular work, undertaken as part of a competitively priced contract, is a great way forward, giving you peace of mind.
  • Eradication – some pests need eradication, quickly and effectively. Food-based retailers and customers need a discreet service, with treatments administered with minimum fuss
  • Control – where pests cannot be completely eradicated, their numbers need controlling and they also need preventing from either making their homes near or on your business, as well as, in some cases, gaining access. Again, contract-based work can offer a long term and regular solution to keeping pests at bay.

Get to know Devon Pest Control

With health & safety paramount, many commercial customers need to know that the company on site can deliver the service it says it can;

  • With all pest controllers holding a high standard of pest control qualification, you know we can be trusted to deliver a safe, effective service. The Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control and Management’ is a comprehensive qualification that covers not only the control and eradication of all common pests, but also the safe storage, use and transportation of chemical treatments, both pesticides and insecticides
  • Our experience and expert knowledge, coupled with comprehensive and welcome prevention advice makes us a trusted and highly reputable pest control company
  • Our work is insured!

A pest control service responsive to YOUR business’s needs

We know that pest control is not about the ‘one size fits all’ approach; different commercial customers have differing demands, from treatments being carried out after-hours to a responsive, on demand service too.

Devon Pest Control has seen it all! We know how to deal with all pest control issues; call us for a comprehensive survey as well as to discuss pest control contracts!

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