Bedbugs Control & Bed Bug Treatments in Devon

A tiny creature, that when it reaches maturity, looks like a flat lentil on your bed sheet. Research suggests that bedbugs are becoming more ‘common’, possibly through the trend for international travel. Opportunistic, they catch on to clothing, bags and other accessories and make the journey home with you in order to make their new home in the best place for them – it’s warm, dry and safe, with a food supply on a regular, nightly basis: YOU!

Some bedbug facts…


  • You CAN see them – around 5 to 7mm in size, the adults are reddish brown in colour. However, the young are smaller and a little harder to detect and catching sight of an egg is near impossible, not just because of their small size but also the fact that they are laid in the tiny crevices of the bed frame or skirting boards.
  • They ‘bite’ to feed – you may notice some red lumps on you, as well as spots of blood on the bedding as you roll around in your sleep, inadvertently squishing bedbugs full with blood. However, unlike flea bites, bedbugs tend to bite in a straight line.
  • Deep cleaning is one answer – you may also need the help of a professional pest controller too, with a professional grade of insecticide. However, there is suggestion that the encouragement to wash on cold or tepid cycles could also contribute to some pest invasions, and bedbugs are one of them. ALL bedding should be washed at 60° or more, and dried at the hottest setting the fabric will take without causing damage. Heat will kill bedbugs, but more importantly, will kill the eggs.
  • Do NOT be embarrassed – many people assume that they ‘get bedbugs’ because of poor hygiene or not vacuuming under the bed. Scientific research has shown that this is not the case; they are attracted to warmth and cleanliness, like many other pests! BUT, many people, due to the embarrassment factor, do not deal with the bedbug problem quick enough, wasting time and money on ineffective over-the-counter remedies.
  • Your home or property may not be the source of the bedbug problem – some people find they have bedbugs, treat correctly, only for the little critters to reappear within a few months. Bedbugs are adept at moving through your home and – this is the bad news – from property to property.
  • Any type of travel can bring bedbugs home – just because you have not been to a foreign climate, does not mean you are ‘safe’! Increasingly, pest controllers across the UK are finding that bedbugs are being transmitted on public transport, hence they are spreading across the country. They can also be present in second-hand furniture too, as well as in the work place.
  • They are not dangerous, more a nuisance – and who wants to share their bed with bugs anyway? Some people do display sensitivity to the bites and it is not uncommon for one person to be bitten, and the other not, even when sleeping in the same bed.
  • Bedbugs are becoming resistant to insecticides – there are always scare stories at some point in the media about the use of chemical treatments and the ’fact’ that they are no longer working, hence infestations across the country. Some treatments can be less effective than others, but what does contribute to infestations is the incorrect application and use of chemical treatments, including not following instructions such as washing bed linen at high temperatures. Devon Pest Control guarantee their bedbug treatments, as they can be confident in their application method and professional grade treatments.

Think you have bed bugs? Act NOW!

Rather than wait and succumb to the perceived embarrassment of the problem, give us a call as soon as possible for an expert, professional Pest Control Company that understands the true nature of bed bug infestations.

Devon Pest Control will complete a comprehensive survey, advise you on the treatment options and also offer advice and ideas for keeping the bedbugs at bay. No need for embarrassment!

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