The thought of sharing our home, garden, outbuilding, garage or shed with an unwanted and uninvited animal or insect is not a pleasant thought. Frequently, when the pest is in our home, gripped by embarrassment, we leave the problem for too long…

Distressing and worrying, sharing our home with a pest instantly throws us into self-doubt BUT, the majority of pests are attracted by the same things we are:

  • nice food and plenty of it, in constant supply
  • warmth – free from cold draughts and horrible, wet weather
  • clean – very few pests are attracted to unhygienic and dirty conditions
  • safe – our homes are relatively predator free, perfect for breeding and raising young

Sharing your home with an unwanted pest? Get rid of it!

Calling Devon Pest Control will see you pest-free in next to no time and here’s why:

  1. Experienced – with many years of pest control work and service under our belts, we are confident there is very little we have not dealt with in terms of pests. We have many solutions, methods and treatments available…
  2. Confident – and passionate about not only leaving you pest-free in your home or garden and the like, we are also passionate about giving you the very best in customer service
  3. Insured – we carry all the necessary insurances for working in and around public areas, including your home
  4. Humane – all our pest control methods and treatments are humane; no expert pest controller wants to cause unnecessary suffering
  5. Safe – the majority of pest control  methods and chemicals are safe for use in areas such as the home, however, if you need to take other kinds of action as part of the treatment, we will advise you of this
  6. Prevention advice – we believe wholeheartedly that at the heart of any high quality pest control service should be prevention advice. We deliver this as part of our ‘normal’ service to you
  7. Qualified – we hold high levels of qualification that means we have more treatments and methods open to us; chemicals we use are of a high professional grade than those bought in local retailers etc.
  8. Comprehensive survey – but pest control is not about turning up and laying down some chemicals or traps. The problem needs to be treated at source and the way to do this is to find out how the problem is happening and how the pest is gaining entry etc. Only a comprehensive on-site survey will find this!
  9. Responsive – we also understand that some pest control issues cannot wait which is why we offer what we believe is one of the most responsive pest control service available!

Do not live a minute longer with an unwanted pest! Called Devon Pest Control for an on-site comprehensive survey and be pest-free!

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