Spring Pests

Spring Pests

As the weather begins to get warmer, we find a shift in the types of pest we are asked to deal with. Pests such as squirrels, flies and ants just to name a few. These pests can enter your home or business premises in many different ways.

Open windows and doors (when the weather is warm enough) are perfect to allow in flies and ants. Both of these pests are looking for food. They will eat many different things, ants particularly like fruit and sweet items of food. Flies however, are really not fussy at all. They are extremely unhygienic pests and can easily spread bacteria that is harmful to humans. It is always best practice to make sure you do not leave any food out uncovered and to clean up and crumbs or spillages quickly. This will avoid the likelihood of these pests entering your home. Ants will signal to each other when they have found a trail to a suitable food source through pheromones they can emit so even if you get rid of the ants you can see, it is possible they have already told their ant friends about it.

Squirrels are very good at making their own access points into your home or business. They are pretty resourceful and will move roof tiles and gnaw through materials. Squirrels can gnaw through wood and metal. This means that sheds and vents in garages are no match for these pests. There is not much really that squirrels cannot chew through. They are great climbers to so getting into your roof space is easy for them. Once they gain entry, they can be quite tricky to get rid of as they can become aggressive. Squirrels are also really noisy so you will certainly know about it if they have managed to gain access to your premises. Make sure to keep branches from trees cut back away from your house or business premises in order to deter squirrels from trying to gain access.


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