Clothes Moths In Your Home?

Clothes Moths In Your Home?

Spring is here which means moth season is beginning. Clothes moths may only be small but they can cause some big issues. There are many species of moths in the UK but the most common species you will find in your home is the clothes moth.

They are small in size and varied shades of brown in colouring. They only tend to fly when the weather is warm. Clothes moths are unique in the sense that they actually avoid lights unlike other types of moths. The clothes moth like dark and dry surroundings. They tend to like areas like the loft, wardrobes and draws. This is because these areas are dark and not necessarily disturbed often.

Adult moths are a good sign that you have an infestation, however it is their larvae that cause the damage to your items. Adult moths will lay their eggs on items that will provide a food source when the eggs hatch. The larvae will eat through fibres in the materials which is what causes the holes. They also produce what looks like spiders webs on the items which is why sometimes moth infestations can be left untreated as people think they just had a spider on the items.

The larvae will eat items such as clothes, upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets just to name a few. Typically picking items that are stored away for long periods of time are perfect for larvae to feast on.

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