House Fly

House Fly

House flies can be a real issue if left unattended. You will certainly know about it if you have a fly problem. Adult flies will be buzzing around looking for food and females will be looking for places to lay their eggs. Flies are extremely unsanitary and can transfer a wide range of bacterial diseases to any surface they land on. This is due to where they land and what they eat. They have sticky pads on the bottom of their feet which allows them to walk up walls and across ceilings, but it also means that any food sources they land on, particles are transferred by their feet to landing places. This is why it is such good practice to clean down any surface you see a fly land on.

House flies are about 6mm in size. Flies colours are typically shades of dark brown and have a black line down their back. They also have large red eyes. The females will search out the best locations to lay their eggs. Places like rotten food or other organic matter like faeces. The females will lay their eggs on these food sources so there is plenty of readily available food for when the eggs hatch. The maggots emerge from the eggs and feed happily in the dark, warm and moist locations. The next phase is the pupa phase, then adult house flies will emerge. And the cycle starts again.

Finding a swarm of houseflies in or around your home means there is something that is very attractive to them. Likely to be things like a rubbish bin or compost heap. When the weather gets warmer, organic matters start to smell which will attract these flies. The warmer weather also means that the life cycle of the fly can dramatically speed up. It is good practice to try and keep rubbish bins in the shade if possible and always keeping it sealed with a lid. If you have a compost heap, keep it as far away from your home as possible to reduce the likelihood of flies getting into your home through windows and doors.

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