Spring Time Pests- Wasps

Spring Time Pests- Wasps

April is a critical month for queen wasps. They are on the hunt for the best location to start building a new nest. Queen wasps will be have spent the beginning of this month coming out of hibernation in order to do this. If the weather remains like it is, we may well be in for a very busy wasp season.

Once a queen wasp has found a location for her nest, she will begin building it using chewed up wooden fibres. She will then populate it with workers. Once the workers have grown into adult wasps, they will take over the expansion of the nest to make room for the many more eggs the queen will continue to lay.

Locations of wasps nests can vary but some likely places are garden sheds, garages, lofts and wall cavities. If you see adult wasps coming and going from the same place, then there is a high chance there is a wasp nest very near. Never try to deal with an active wasp nest on your own. They can become very aggressive if they feel under attack and will swarm to sting you repeatedly. Multiple wasp stings can be fatal so if you think you have an active nest, then please call Devon Pest Control. We have the protective gear and expertise to deal with wasps safely and effectively.

Interesting fact, wasps are able to remember where they found good food sources, so they can return time and time again to gather food for the nest. As usual to deter any pest problem, making sure to clean up any food crumbs or spillages straight away. This will help to keep wasps away. If you are lucky enough to dine outside when the weather is warm, try to keep all food covered where possible. And do not leave it out for longer than necessary.

Get in touch with Devon Pest Control today! We will leave you wasp free in no time!

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