Facts about Silverfish

Facts about silverfish

Silverfish can be found all over the home wherever there is moisture really. You are most likely to find them in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Below are some interesting information about silverfish.


What do they look like?

Silverfish are not fish, they are insects. They get their name due to the movement they make when they scurry around. Their tail end moves similarly to how a fish tail would move as it swims through water. They are sliver/blue in colour with long antennae and six legs.


What do they eat?

Silverfish need food and moisture to survive. They can get moisture easily in the home of course so tend to frequent bathroom and kitchen sinks, bath drains and any other damp environment they can find. For their food, they need protein to survive. They can get this from a wide range of sources. These include any fabrics, books (paper and glue), carpets, hair and even wallpaper or plaster. From these sources, Silverfish are able to obtain the carbohydrates and necessary starch they need to feed.


Where can you find them?

As mentioned above, they will always search for damp or wet environments to live. A typical location would be the bathroom. Be mindful though, they can be found all over the house due to their search for food as well.


Other interesting facts;

You probably will not see them during the day. This is due to them being sensitive to light. Their nocturnal habits make their search for food easier coupled with their speed.

Silverfish are super quick movers. They do not have any way to deter predators so they use their speed and do so effectively.



If you think you have a silverfish infestation please give us a call.

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