Common Crawling Pests

Common Crawling Pest Problems

Whether you are in your own home, renting a property, or a landlord of a property, these common pests outlined below can cause a number of issues.


The number of bed bug reports have increased over the years. At one time, the idea of bed bugs were specifically located to hotels or holiday homes abroad, however there are more and more reports of bedbugs in the home. Bedbugs are usually found in clothing, luggage and furniture. Their preferred location is the bedroom. They are likely to be found in the cracks and crevices of the bed frame and around the mattress. Bedbugs feed on human blood so when you are sleeping is prime time for them to feed. They are flat and small in size and oval in shape. They do not like being out in the open and when they are not feeding they are hiding.

Things you can do-

-Regularly cleaning and hoovering

-Wash clothes and bedding at high temperatures

-Look out for signs-shed skins, eggs and droppings

-Regularly check furniture like bed frames


These pests have been around for a very long time and are well known for being able to adapt to their surroundings. They can carry a number of diseases some of which can be harmful to humans. Cockroaches are attracted to any food sources, especially rotten food. They like damp and warm environments so can typically be found in kitchens and bathrooms. Some species prefer to live outside and can be found near rubbish bins, compost heaps, and even drains. They tend to be more active at night. If you see one there is the chance that there are more hiding away somewhere close by.

Things you can do-

-Keep an eye out for sources of moisture (check drains regularly)

-Remove any clutter in the home or garage

-Keep kitchen and bathroom areas clean

-Do not leave pet food out over night


Ants will make their way into your home from the garden if they have sourced food. They will travel long distances to find this food. They are attracted to sweet things specifically. The kitchen is a preferable location for ants in the home. In order to communicate to the colony about the food source, they can make trails by emitting pheromones which allows the work ants to find and walk the path to and from the food source. They like dark spaces and are likely to make their nest by external walls in the ground. Their nest can even sometimes just look like a pile of dirt. Ants can live for a long time, 7 years plus.

Things you can do-

-Keep food sealed where possible

-Clean up any spillages and crumbs in the kitchen

-Block off entry points to your home-sealing any cracks


Flies are a problem pest all year round. Although they are able to fly, they are also able to crawl up walls and upside down across the ceiling. There are many different species of flies, some of the most common ones we see are the house fly, blue bottle fly, cluster fly and fruit fly. They vary in colour and appearance. Once flies have established a location which offers a good food source, they will multiply very quickly. Flies are carriers of many diseases which are harmful to humans. During their stages of development, you may find maggots. This is an indication that you have a breeding site nearby, for example rubbish storage.

Things you can do-

-Remove any standing water sources

-Regularly clean rubbish bins

-Make sure to place rubbish bags in sealed containers


If you think you have any of the above pest problems in or around your home, please give us a call!

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