The next couple of months are typically considered to be rodent months. As the winter nights draw in, it turns colder and wetter and rats are looking for shelter from the harsh weather. Rats are constantly seeking food sources and can pretty much chew through anything to get to them. Rats are hardy and very adaptable to their surroundings. Prime locations are ports as being near water is a necessity for rats to survive and of course, urbanisations due to the readily available food sources.


What rats look like

They are brown in colour with thick long pink tails. They have sizable teeth for chewing through lots of different materials such as wood, brick and even metal.


What they eat

You may have seen reports whereby larger and larger rats have been found. This is due to the variety of food they are eating. Food high in protein specifically can cause rats to put on weight and grow in size. They will eat a variety of foods by rummaging through bins and recycling.


Where to find them

Sewers, by rubbish bins


How to proof/prevent against them

  • Don’t leave bird/pet food out over night
  • Keep rubbish in bins with lids
  • Clean out rubbish bins regularly
  • Check for entry points around pipes and uncovered vents- seal any holes
  • Keep gardens well maintained

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