Pests in the Loft

Pests in the Loft


As we are all busy decorating our homes for Christmas time, we venture into parts of the house that we may not often visit. The loft being a key location. Most of us store all our Christmas goodies in our lofts for many months and if pests are able to gain access to this space, they can cause some serious damage to your property.


Access can be gained through broken roof tiles, holes in walls or guttering. All of these access points can open up your home and possessions to potential damage. As we know, winter means colder, wetter weather and even pests can get fed up with it. So they will find any way into your home, where it is warm and they can likely have access to food sources.


The following pests are likely to be found in your loft this winter, if they are able to gain access;



Squirrels are great climbers so are able to use surrounding trees to gain access to the roof. If they are able to find any weaknesses, they are able to chew their way through a number of materials. Squirrels are typically noisy, especially in the early hours of the morning. They can fit into small spaces too, so the access points do not have to be very large at all. They are primarily looking for shelter.



Birds are looking for warmth for the winter and places that are perfect for creating nests. Like squirrels, birds will leave their nesting location each day to search for food and water. They may be able to squeeze in between roof tiles if there is adequate space, but they are also a threat to your guttering. As they build their nests, they will block the gutter and at times the added weight can cause the guttering to snap or come away from the wall.



Although not specific for winter necessarily, moths and woodworm can cause some serious damage if left unattended.

Moths- the larvae are the culprits when it comes to damage. They feed on fabrics and furnishings creating holes. You may also find what looks like webs, this is a biproduct actually produced by moths as they develop.

Woodworm- can be very dangerous if left unattended. The larvae again are the cause of damage. They create tunnels through wooden structures which can weaken them. Not to mention the mess they make around infected areas with the frass they produce.


If you have any unwanted visitors this winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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