Rat Pest Control & Proofing

Rat Pest Control & Proofing

Rats are a real issue around this time of year. People tend to spend lots of money over time in an attempt to deal with rats themselves. But without the help and knowledge of a professional, the problem can get worse. Whilst store bought tools can help if you have one or two to deal with, the likelihood is that if you have seen or heard one or two, there are many more hiding away. Rats are prolific breeders so it is best practice to deal with the issue sooner rather than later. The best thing you can do if you have rats in your home, is to call in a professional like Devon Pest Control. We are qualified and fully insured. Devon Pest Control have the knowledge and skills required to deal with rats and help proof your home against them in the future.

Like us, they search for warmth and shelter from the cold. They may make nests in many different locations in your home like your loft, wall cavities, chimneys and even under floorboards. Rats are very good climbers so no location is out of bounds to them. They have very strong teeth too. They are able to chew through  a variety of materials like metal, wood and brick. Rats must have access to water in order to survive and will eat pretty much anything. This is why they are also found in pipes and drains.

Proofing your home against these pests is just as important as removing them. They can squeeze through very small spaces and will resort to gnawing their way in if necessary. Access points will be utilised again and again so finding those entry points and blocking them is very important to make sure you are kept pest free in the future.

Remember, no pest problem is too big or small. Get in touch today for advice and a no obligation quote.

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