Mouse Control & Proofing

Mouse Control & Proofing

Keeping your home free from mice can be tricky. The wet, cold and windy weather means mice are likely to try and find shelter and warmth to survive. Your home or even your business could be the perfect location! Mice can be difficult to get rid of by yourself, which is why we always suggest calling in a professional to deal with them effectively. Not only can Devon Pest Control remove the mice, but we will also be able to proof your home against them for the future.

Where can you find them?

Mice are very inquisitive in nature which means that they may not stay in the same location for long. Although this may sound good, it can mean they are harder to get rid of. Mice can easily access different locations in your home and cause damage as they go. Mice will typically build nests in dark spaces and use a variety of materials to build it. Things like insulation, cardboard, paper, cotton items can all fall victim to shredding by mice to make a nice cosy bed. Mice are also prolific breeders, so if you see or hear one mouse it is very likely there are more hiding away. They can be found under floorboards, in cupboards and wall cavities just to name a few.

Interestingly, mice do not actually need much water to survive, then can go a couple of weeks without drinking. They do however require food. Your kitchen of course is the most obvious place for mice to find food. This is why it is best practice to keep food stored in higher cupboards and always in sealed containers. Making sure to remove any crumbs or spilled liquids too is a good idea. If you have a pet, do not leave uneaten food out over night if you can help it and make sure to keep kibble in airtight containers.

What about proofing?

Remember, proofing your home is just as important as getting rid of your mouse problem. They are able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps. It is best to check any outside pipe openings, loose bricks and damaged sills around door and low window openings. Give Devon Pest Control a call today and we can make sure your home is mouse free and proofed against them in the future.

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