Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing


At this particular time of year, many people are in the process of doing a spring clean. Having a nice clean home is not only good for your health, it is also a great opportunity to make sure that your home is suitably pest proofed!


Yes, it is possible you may need the helping hand of a professional pest controller to get rid of all sorts of pests in the first instance, but we can also offer assistance and guidance in proofing your home. It is just as important to seek and employ preventative measures with pest control as it is to deal with the problem in the first place.


There are things that you can do to help prevent pests in and around your home whilst doing your spring clean;


—>Eliminating their food sources

The kitchen is a hot spot being the main location for storing food. It is good practice to remove all food from your cupboards and fridges and give the shelves and doors a really good clean. It is surprising how many crumbs and how much dust can accumulate! Also, pulling forward any appliances can really help get into the corners that may not be cleaned regularly. Under the fridge can be a little goldmine for pests as food and spilt liquids can remain unnoticed.


—>Sealing any leaks

Moisture is another key element that pests need to survive. Regularly checking all pipe work for leaks around the home is a good idea. Don’t forget to check places like behind the bath, toilets and sinks. It is also worth checking appliances in the kitchen that require water, like the washing machine and dishwasher as these pipe lines can sometime become loose.


—>Seal any crack or crevice

Most pests are able to get into your home through the smallest of gaps, so we suggest checking all window and door seals for any gaps and filling these in. Whilst you are doing your spring clean, try to eliminate clutter where possible and store your belongings in plastic containers with lids rather than the usual cardboard boxes. Don’t forget to make sure any fly screens do not have any holes in them and that they are fitted correctly


—>Keep your garden tidy

Regular garden maintenance can really help with pest prevention. Keeping trees and bushes that are close to the home trimmed back will stop pests using them as gateways to your home. It is good practice to make sure that all guttering is cleared of leaves, not only for the functionality but also to make sure no pests have made a nice little home in them. It is also worth checking the roof tiles or any wood on the outside of the home as damaged roof tiles can allow for birds, squirrels, hornets and wasps to gain access to your loft space. Any wood that is damaged or rotting on the outside of the property can be attractive to some pests too, so we do suggest treating or replacing this as soon as you can. Don’t forget to check your drains too! Inspection of the drains in and around your home will allow you to make sure that there is no unwanted activity from pests that could pose a problem to you in the future.


Remember, we are always willing to give you advice on all types of pest problems and we can help with the prevention of pests too!

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