June Pests

June Pests


As we well know, pest control is required all year round. It is during the Spring to Summer months that we start to see increased activity of the following pests;


  • Bedbugs


  • Fleas


  • Cockroaches


  • House Flies


All of the above pests can cause considerable stress if found in the home. From being bitten by bedbugs and fleas to the diseases spread by flies and the health concerns associated with cockroaches, none of these pests are welcome additions to any household.



These small insects survive on blood meals. They are likely to be found in crooks and crevices surrounding the mattress, as this is usually a warm and undisturbed location. Bedbug bites do not actually hurt immediately; however they can become quite painful and itchy over time. They lay many eggs in their life span so best not to delay in getting treatment!



Another small blood sucking insect that can cause big problems. Adults will usually lay their eggs on their food source, typically a pet. This is so when the eggs hatch, they are able to easily find their meals. Some eggs however can and will fall off around the home. Wherever your pet goes, fleas go! It has been said that for every single flea you see, the chances are there are 100s more around your home. Humidity is a favourite environment so keeping the home dry where possible is a good deterrent.



No-one likes the thought of living with cockroaches. However, the home is a great environment for them to live in. You will see them scuttling about looking for food and water. Cockroaches will eat pretty much anything, even each other if necessary! They like damp conditions so the kitchen and bathroom are the main locations they are likely to be found. Don’t tend to bite humans but they have been associated with worsening symptoms of asthma.


House flies-

House flies are not only annoying with their buzzing around you or your food, but they cause some serious health concerns. Flies only have a short life span but can reproduce very quickly. They will feed on animal carcasses, rubbish and human food.  They are attracted to bad smells like decaying food and animal waste. Decaying food and animal waste are considered to be be good locations to lay their eggs. Because of what flies eat and where they lay their eggs, the chances of them spreading diseases is pretty high which in turn can cause serious health issues.


Any of the pest problems above can be eliminated with the help of a professional pest controller. We are here to help, offer advice, treat and help prevent such pests being a problem again.

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