Pest problems around the home

Pests can be a problem in any location in your home. Below you will find some of the most common pests found in these different locations in your home.


The garden is a rich source of pests for a multitude of reasons. Trees and bushes can offer protection and hiding space, flowers can be food sources, plus our rubbish bins are usually located here too! You may encounter the following pests here; mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, moles, brown rat, red spider mite, midges, birds, squirrels, beetles, rats, foxes, woodlice, mouse, hornet, house fly, slugs.

Although hornets and wasps can be a pain in the summer months, they need the pollen from flowers and the flowers need them. They do not cause any harm to your garden. Rodents will be attracted to the rubbish that is outside as well as the shelter provided. They can cause damage to your property by trying to get in and make nests, mice especially can fit through the smallest of gaps. They also have excellent gnawing abilities and can chew through a variety of materials. Moles, birds, squirrels and foxes can also cause you some problems. Birds can be noisy as well as messy. Moles and foxes can cause disruption to your lawn with their burrowing and nesting behaviours.


Whatever you garage is used for, be that storage or for your car and garden equipment, pests like to make themselves at home here too! Spiders are commonly found here as it is not a location that we tend to go into daily. Your garage provides great shelter for nesting pigeons and wasps nests. Ants are commonly found here as well.


The kitchen can harbour many pests. Like all living things, pests require a food source. Your kitchen cupboards and fridge offer a lovely selection of treats. Fruit flies are commonly found here, especially if you have a fruit bowl on the table. Cockroaches love the kitchen due to the water sources available as well as the food. And not forgetting of course rodents and ants who will steal whatever is on offer.


In the bedroom you could find the following pests; bedbugs, clothes moths, furniture beetle, fleas, mouse. Bed bugs are a very common problem pest in the bedroom and can be very difficult to eradicate. They can get everywhere, they love fabrics, warmth and food (that’s you), so providing them this means they will reproduce at a very quick rate. Clothes moths are also common here and can be damaging to clothing and other fabrics around the room.


The bathroom can be home to the following pests; silverfish, crane fly, cluster flies, cockroaches and ladybirds. Another great water source means cockroaches are common here. Silverfish like dark spaces and can live for a long time without a food source as long as they have water. They can cause considerable damage to a multitude of materials as they search for food such as plaster and paint.


And finally the attic. This can become home to a selection of pests, such as; birds, squirrels, rats, wasps, hornets. If they are able to get in, wasp and hornet nests are very common in this location and their nests can be of considerable sizes if left. Birds and squirrels find this location preferable due to it being high up from predators which gives great nesting potential.


If you think you have a pest problem anywhere in your household, please do not hesitate in giving us a call, we can help!

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