How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Squirrels & How T0 Get Rid Of Them

Grey squirrels can be super cute in the park but if they have managed to find their way into your home, they soon lose their cute appeal. They are very destructive and noisy. As pest controllers, we are only allowed to deal with grey squirrels. Red squirrels are getting fewer and fewer as the years pass. This is due to the diseases carried by grey squirrels which are deadly to our native red squirrels.

What do they look like?

Grey squirrels, as the name suggests, are grey in colouring and have long bushy tails. They are typically larger than the red squirrel too. We tend to attract these rodents into our gardens through food. Leaving food out for birds or foxes, or even leaving pet food out can attract them. Whilst they may not be able to eat it all in one go, they will take the food and bury it (especially nuts) to eat later on when food is scarce. They are sneaky though, the grey squirrel will sometimes pretend to bury food in order to confuse other squirrels that might be watching them.


Squirrels are wonderful climbers. They use their claws to grip to branches and bark, and use their tail for balance when climbing or jumping. They are extremely agile so do not think that they will not be able to access high points of your home.  If they can get into your home, it will be for shelter and warmth. Our homes provide the perfect nesting location for the colder months. They are most active during the early hours of the morning so if they are in your loft then you will be sure to hear scratching and scurrying.

What can you do?

Be sure to remove any high branches that could act as a bridge to your roof, or any sort of foliage close to the building as these are sure spots to be used for access. Secure any loose roof tiles and fill any holes. They are able to fit through some very small gaps. Make sure all window and door seals are in good condition. Try not to leave any food out. If you like to feed the birds, you can get bird feeders that are squirrel proof…but that will not stop them from trying!


Best course of action is to always call out a professional. We can offer advice on how best to deal with the situation and leave you squirrel free for the festive season! Get in touch today!

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