Rats and Mice- What is the difference?

Rats and Mice- What is the difference?

Colder weather means rats and mice are on the search for warmth. And where better than your home, which has an abundance of food, shelter, water and warmth. Having rats or mice in your home can be distressing. They are destructive, noisy and carriers of diseases.

So what is the difference between rats and mice?

  • Rats are larger than mice
  • Rats have long noses and hairless thick tails.
  • Mice have smaller bodies and noses, and hairy tails
  • Mice have large ears compared to rats
  • Mice are usually light grey or brown whereas rats are dark brown or black
  • Rats need to be near a water source daily, but mice can survive for a few days without drinking


There are tell-tale signs that you may have rats or mice in your home. Droppings is a major sign that you have some little visitors, and the concentration of these droppings will also give you an indication of where they are feeding or nesting. They are also noisy, if you hear rustling or gnawing then you definitely have a pest issue. Mice are very inquisitive so will move around the different rooms in your home to find new sources of food and nest locations. They are able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps too! Rats tend to use wall cavities to move around when in the home, so this again is something that you will hear.


Remember, no pest problem is too small for us to deal with. If you see or hear any signs that you might have some unwanted guests this winter, please give us a call today!

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