Hornets or Wasps?

Hornets or Wasps?

The weather is hot hot hot. Which means prime time for summer pests to start making an appearance. During July/August, wasps and hornets are starting to emerge. Although the same species, wasps and hornets can look rather different;

  • hornets tend to be bigger than wasps
  • wasps have more yellow on their bodies, hornets are typically black with a yellow bottom
  • hornet legs are dark brown/red, wasp legs are yellow
  • wasp heads are black, hornets can be brownish/red

Likely locations that you could find a wasp or hornet nest would be in trees, sheds, and garages. Both can and will sting you multiple times if they think you are attacking their nest. One sting definitely hurts, but multiple stings can be fatal. This is why we always recommend calling in a pest controller to deal with the issue for you.

What action can you take to avoid them?

They are attracted to food and drink so it is good practice to clean up any spillages in the kitchen and remove any food off counter tops. Ensure rubbish bin lids are secure and away from doorways and windows. In the early summer months they are particularly attracted to ‘sweetness’, so perfume and aftershaves can attract them too.

Remember, if you happen to come across a nest please do not try and remove this yourself. Please phone us at Devon Pest Control. We are able to deal with the nest safely and efficiently.

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