Biting & Stinging Flying Insects in the Summer

Biting & Stinging Flying Insects in the Summer

As we tend to spend more time outside when the weather is nice, we are immersing ourselves in the world of insects. Flying insects can be a particular problem this time of year. They enjoy the warm weather too, mostly spending their time looking for water, food or a mate. Some of these flying insects can also bite or sting! Here is a list of these insects to look out for this summer;

Mosquito- The warm summer evenings are prime time for mosquitos to come out and have a feast. Their bites are usually painless. This is due to the anaesthetic they produce whilst piercing your skin in order to have a nice blood meal. They are typically small in size and silent fliers so best to cover up in the evenings and keep your eyes peeled.

Wasps- Although the season seems to have got off to a slow start this year, wasps are certainly out and about now, foraging for food and building supplies for build larger nests for an ever growing colony. Wasps have black bodies, with bright yellow stripes. They are very aggressive and will not hesitate to sting you. Especially if they think you are a threat to them or their nest.

Flies- Lost of different species of flies are prevalent at this time of year but not all of them will bite you. They are all annoying buzzing around you, but the horsefly is certainly one to look out for. Horseflies are large compared to the house fly or blue bottle fly (both of which will not bite humans) and their bites can be very painful. They also have larger eyes than other flies which sometimes look orange, blue or green in colour.

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