Fleas or Bedbugs?

The differences between fleas and bedbugs

Knowing the difference between fleas and bedbug can be handy when dealing with these small but annoying pests. A trusted pest controller like Devon Pest Control will be able to inform you what type of pest you have and deal with them effectively and efficiently.

Sometimes, fleas and bedbugs are considered winter pests but the truth is, they are a problem most of the year. Below are some differences to look out for;

  • bedbugs are round, have flat bodies and brownish in colour
  • fleas have long back legs which enable them to jump impressive distances
  • bedbugs are typically found in mattress crevices
  • fleas can be located in many different locations in the home, such as dog/cat bed
  • bedbugs prefer human blood meals
  • fleas prefer animal blood meals
  • bedbugs are only able to crawl to change location
  • fleas change location by jumping from host to host

In order for these pests to get access to their blood meal, they need to pierce the skin. When they bite you, you are unlikely unable to feel it straight away but they will leave red, itchy bumps on your skin. Bedbugs are more nocturnal than fleas, mainly due to them being located in or around your bed.

Bites are just one sign that you could have fleas or bedbugs. Other signs include; eggs, egg casings, small blood spots on bedding (from bedbug bites or squashing a bedbug), brown spots (poop), your dog or cat scratching constantly.

Remember, Devon Pest Control can help. Whatever your pest problem, we can deal with it quickly and effectively!

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