Proofing Your Home Against Winter Pests

Proofing Your Home & Business Against Winter Pests

Pest proofing your home or business is something that people only really consider after they have had a pest infestation. However, proofing is really important especially as the weather is starting to turn colder. This means that all sorts of pests will start looking to enter your home or business for warmth and shelter. Whilst there are many shop bought pest deterrent options, you will never be better protected than if you employ a professional pest control company to do it for you. There are so many cost effective ways to stop those unwanted pests entering your property, and here at Devon Pest Control, we know all about them!

There are certainly a few areas within and around the home or your business that may need proofing attention;

  1. The kitchen- most kitchens have external pipe access which are perfect points of entry for rats and mice. Take a walk around your home or business and make sure that all these pipe entrances/exits have suitable covers over them. Even the smallest crack or gap means they can get in!
  2. Drains- although outside, rats are particularly fond of using our sewage system to move from location to location. Having a sturdy hatch covering is key and it is also possible to implement a one way system which means that the rats can get down the drain but are not able to get back up through again leaving you better protected from infestations.
  3. Roof tiles- birds and squirrels are likely to utilise any broken roof tiles to gain access to your property. And they are able to get through small gaps too, as well as damaging other tiles in order to gain that access. It is always best practice to regularly check your roof tiles for any that may have slipped or cracked. Many homes and businesses also have solar panels now and these offer great sources of shelter for nesting birds. Proofing your solar panels are a must if you are going to deter birds from nesting. There are many options available to do this.

Proofing is a key component of our job as professional pest controllers. We would much rather give you the means to keep pests out before they have chance to enter your property. Please get in touch today for a chat and to book in for a quote!

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