Why Do We Need Pest Control?

Why Do We Need Pest Control?


Dealing with pests is extremely important. Pests can cause numerous problems; health risks, property damage, as well as being very distressing. Pests are very good at adapting to their surroundings to survive and they will be able to seek out the best places to nest and feed, even if that means sharing their new home with you! We, as humans, provide the perfect environment for many types of pests within and around our homes; shelter, warmth, food and water are all in abundant supply, so why would they not set up camp!


Health Risks

Pests such as rats, mice, birds and cockroaches are all considered to be harmful to humans. Rodents and birds are carriers of diseases which could have some serious health implications. These diseases can be spread directly or indirectly. Directly through bites, handling of dead rodents or coming into contact with their waste and indirectly through fleas or ticks that have come into contact with infected rodents or birds.


Property Damage/Damage to your belongings

Whether you have a pest problem at home or at your business, it is strongly recommended to get the issue sorted by a professional sooner rather than later. Breeding habits of many pests can be rapid so the usual home remedy or shop bought pesticide probably will not work. Most of the time, people only deal with the adult or mature pest but forget about treating the eggs. So you may think you have dealt with the problem and soon enough, the issue comes back again and again.

-Rodents can cause some serious damage as they are able to chew through a wide variety of materials; plastic, brick, wires, wood etc. Which in turn could end up leaving you with a massive bill!

-Woodworm can easily damage furniture and even timber structures, creating a network of tunnels and holes as the larvae feed.

-Birds nesting in guttering and chimneys can cause some damage, and their poop is not only unsightly, but is acid so if left will cause erosion. Not to mention, if a large enough flock of birds are nesting/roosting in the same place, the collection of bird poop could actually be considered a slip hazard.

-Moths, specifically clothes moths will literally eat holes through your clothes and bedding.


Finding a pest in your home or business can be really stressful. We are here to help. We are fully qualified professionals who can deal with your pest problem efficiently and effectively each and every time.

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