Keeping Pests Away This Summer

Keeping Pests Away This Summer

The summer months are upon us. We enjoy making the most of the sun and warmth with dining al fresco, sunbathing in the garden and leaving doors and windows open. Below are some tips for how to make sure that you are not inviting pests to join in the summer fun.

Windows and Doors
With the warmer weather, we are more likely to leave the windows and doors open. This is great for airing out the home, however it is a gateway for pests to enter your home. It is good practice to put up fly screens where possible. This will stop unwanted flies, wasps and hornets making their way inside.

Food is a key element to pests’ survival so your kitchen is a prime location. Regular cleaning of the kitchen is really important for general hygiene reasons but also to deter pests from setting up camp. Ants, fruit flies and house flies for example are common culprits in the kitchen. They are attracted to foods and liquids so make sure to clean up any spillages and food matter straight away.

Rubbish bins are always attractive to pests, especially rodents, flies and even wasps. And as the weather warms up, rubbish in these bins begins to smell. This is not only unpleasant for you but can attract large numbers of pests. Where ever possible, keeping bin lids closed and out of the sunlight is good practice. Always put any food rubbish in bags before putting them in the bin. Make sure to clean out your bins regularly too as this will help reduce the smell and reduce potential pest interest.

Most of the time, pests will live outside the home. Keeping your garden maintained is really important to help keep pests at bay. Keeping trees and bushes trimmed and away from the home can help eliminate any potential nesting spots for rodents, wasps, hornets, birds and squirrels. It is also good practice to check any storage spaces like a shed or garage as these are prime locations to harbour a number of pests. Also if you have any fruit trees, collecting any fallen and rotting fruit will help to avoid attracting wasps especially, they love rotting fruit!

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