Rogue Pest Controllers- Is Your Pest Controller Certified?

Rogue Pest Controllers- Is Your Pest Controller Certified?

We receive calls regularly from disappointed customers who have paid for pest control services and have been let down, and now out of pocket! This can be due to many reasons, but one main problem is the use of pesticides.

The use of pesticides is a well-known tactic for dealing with pests. Although you can buy pest control products from your local store, the pesticides used by pest controllers are much stronger and so require knowledge and training to be able to use them, and for them to be effective. Being certified means that we have acquired up to date knowledge, training and qualifications to do this.

Depending on the pest problem, you may see us for more than one visit, but this allows us to complete the job to a high standard and leave you as the customer pest free!

Rogue pest controllers however may not have the necessary knowledge or qualifications to deal with your pest problem properly. Sometimes they may use watered down chemicals and even use the wrong chemicals which is not going to be effective enough to eradicate the pests. You are now out of pocket and the pest problem has not gone.

Being a certified pest controller is extremely important. Not only to us as a company offering pest control services but also to our customers. We pride ourselves on our qualifications and knowledge to help you deal with pests and at a competitive price. With our environment ever changing and pests’ resistance building to pesticides over time, it is imperative to maintain up to date training.

When you are looking to hire a pest controller, we strongly suggest making sure they are qualified and insured to carry out the job successfully.  Here at Devon Pest Control, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are fully trained, qualified and insured to deal with all pest problems and will do so in a professional and efficient manner.

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