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Animals, from the smallest to the largest, all have a part to play in the ecology of the local countryside, and our towns and cities. Whilst this is welcome, what can happen is that this ecological balance shifts – too many of one insect, rodent or animal can present severe problems that need to be dealt with; balance needs to be maintained!

Control and management

Many aspects of wildlife in some settings, will need careful management to prevent population increases that will have a detrimental effect on other animals, as well as flora and fauna.

·        Deer

Controlling and managing the deer population, for examples, is essential in woodland or large country estates. However, this is debate that spark a lot of emotion for obvious reason, and so management of deer needs to be sensitive to popular opinion.

Large population of deer can cause…

  • Damage to trees and their surrounding natural habitat, leading to shortage of food nut just for deer but other animals too
  • Crops, orchards and garden can also be damaged
  • Overgrazing is a real issue, especially for farmers who may find that their livestock have to compete with deer for pasture and food
  • Uncontrolled deer can also traffic accidents, some of which can have fatal and devastating consequences
  • Controlling and managing a deer herd is essential for maintaining their own health; too big a herd, shortage of food etc. can lead to poor deer health, something that no one wants to see.
  • However, allowing their numbers to dwindle too low can have the reverse effect on woodland etc. which can cause problems too!

There are long term options for controlling and managing deer, such as deer proof fencing etc. and here at Devon Pest Control, we have worked with many local estates, woodland trusts and farmers, for example, in effectively managing the deer population.

·        Rabbits

Another pest that needs effective and long term control methods is the rabbit. Capable of breeding in huge numbers – and fast! – an explosion in rabbit numbers can spell disaster for local wooded area, farmers, fruit farmers, country estates and gardeners alike.

Again there are several methods and items of equipment that can be deployed to manage and control the numbers of rabbits – from gassing to other forms of culling – as well as keeping them from readily accessing some areas.

·        Foxes and moles

Foxes are also animals that need careful and sensitive control and management. With fierce debate around hunting of foxes, their numbers, despite opposition, still need controlling. Like other animals, an increase in population cannot always be sustained by the local environment; lack of food leads to starvation that consequently, leads to poor health amongst their population.

Again, as a professional, expert and knowledgeable pest control company, we can employ a range of techniques and methods to safely and effectively manage foxes.

Likewise, moles are also naturally found in the countryside, more so woodlands and copses, and to a certain extent, live side by side with farmers etc. as they rarely cause a problem. However, a large concentration of moles in one area can lead to unstable ground, not something that is welcome with valuable livestock in the area too.

With a range of options and methods, we can help to remove moles from the area.

Land management

Maintaining and managing the countryside is essential for the animals that live there, as well as the flora and fauna. As a country, we rely on the countryside to provide us with food; failure to manage it properly is irresponsible.

Devon Pest Control can responds to ‘emergency’ situation, as well as being part of longer term, managed solutions.

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